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The majority of cannabis strains available today are really hybrids that can lean heavily in one direction (either indica or sativa). These ‘hybrid‘ strains of cannabis combine elements of both the indica and sativa species through the breeding process. … Hybrids can be sativa or indica dominant – or right in the middle. buy hybrid strains online

Hybrid: Choosing between indica and sativa varieties of cannabis (and the associated THC) is dependent on the users symptoms and desired effects. Those seeking an upbeat, focused, and creative experience, should select a sativa dominant strain. Alternatively, those looking for relaxing, appetite inducing, and sedative effects should choose an indica dominant strain. When using cannabis therapeutically, you can use the following chart to determine which variety of THC is best suited for your symptoms and needs. Follow my consumption and dosage guides for more on how to use cannabis safely and effectively.

Seemingly uncontrollable feelings paranoia? Melting into the couch? We would venture to guess that nearly every cannabis user has experienced an uncomfortable feeling associated with being high. You can avoid this! Weed is like wine – every strain has a history, and the funny names you hear in the movies actually mean something.

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